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Still ruining the world

Then Day reaches out and touches my hand with his. He encloses it in a handshake. And just like that, I am linked with him again, I feel the pulse of our bond and his- tory and love through our hands, like a wave of magic, the return of a long-lost friend. Of something meant to be. The feeling brings tears to my eyes. Perhaps we can take a step forward together.

Hi,” he says. “I’m Daniel.
Hi,” I reply. “I’m June.


simpsons pop cycle


by Chris Cardinal


Catching Fire Extended Scene: A Wrinkle

This was one of the most important dialogues in the entire film, and they deleted it.

I think it’s important to write a lot of songs and write songs you think people will like regardless of what genre you’re in. Not in terms of compromising your song writing- you should always write what you want to. You hear a band do a wicked sound and you think they’re so good but they just don’t have anything you can latch into. That’s the most frustrating thing in the world. - Dan Smith

I want you to be king forever, Max.

I want to make the best of what is left, hold tight (x)